Folding Services

Material Compatibility

Folding is typically performed on sheet metal, and the choice of material can include stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, and other alloys.

Bend Allowance

The design and programming of the folding process must take into account the material's bend allowance. This is the amount of material that is physically consumed during the bending process.

Tooling and Equipment

Specialized press brakes or folding machines are used to bend the cut pieces accurately.

Accuracy and Precision

Laser cutting and folding services often work in tandem to achieve high precision and accuracy in the final product.

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Folding is a post-processing step in laser cutting that involves bending the cut sheet metal or other materials to achieve a desired shape or form. This process is commonly used in the fabrication of various products, such as enclosures, brackets, and other components.

CNC Pressbrake machinery + 3 metre folding capacity

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